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Positive Results in Thirteen Straight Years

All good trading starts with good decision making, and all good decision making starts with good information. And to show a profit in the long run, you've got to be able to separate the good information from the information that just sounds good.

Since the launch of the service in 2006 we've significantly outpaced the major indices and shown positive returns in the past thirteen years. We continue to see positive returns on a month to month basis as well.

These are the overall results from prior years:

  • Avg. monthly 2018 results: +5.9%
  • Avg. monthly 2017 results: +13.2%
  • Avg. monthly 2016 results: +48.6%
  • Avg. monthly 2015 results: +18.3%
  • Avg. monthly 2014 results: +20.5%
  • Avg. monthly 2013 results: +11.9%
  • Avg. monthly 2012 results: +0.8%
  • Avg. monthly 2011 results: +19.2%
  • Avg. monthly 2010 results: +23.6%
  • Avg. monthly 2009 results: +93.2%
  • Avg. monthly 2008 results: +69.9%
  • Avg. monthly 2007 results: +40.2%
  • Avg. monthly 2006 results: +22.8%

    Compare these results to the same years for the Dow, S&P, and the Nasdaq. Then compare the results to your own trading activity.

    Time for a positive change

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